From the beginning, we had a simple goal: to change the power that changes the world. It stemmed from our desire to improve the quality of life for everyone everywhere—from the largest cities to the most remote areas. 通过为世界提供更智能的途径, 更清洁的, 更安全的, 和具有成本效益的能源, BG大游App将重塑BG大游App的未来,使它比以往任何时候都更光明. The idea for a multi-application SMR emerged over two decades ago and this decade it will become a reality.


  • BG真人 announces plans to go public via merger with Spring Valley Acquisition Corp.
  • Guggenheim Securities supports BG真人 in obtaining nearly $200 million in strategic investments from GS Energy, 斗山重工业, IHI公司, 三星C&T公司,萨金特 & 蓝迪,萨伦斯和JGC控股公司
  • The second and third Energy Exploration (E2) Centers open in collaboration with the University of Idaho and Texas A&米大学
  • BWXT Canada partners with BG真人 to build out the Canadian supply chain and advance manufacturing work in preparation for BG大游App Module™ (NPM) 制造
  • 加拿大神童清洁能源公司, 保加利亚的Kozloduy核电站- New Build Plc (KNPP-NB), 乌克兰的能源原子, Nuclearelectrica在罗马尼亚, 以及美国的Xcel能源和格兰特县公用事业区(Grant PUD).S.,均与BG真人签署谅解备忘录
  • Getka集团(总部位于俄克拉荷马州.A. (波兰),KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. (Poland-based), and Piela Business Engineering (Poland-based) also 与BG真人签署谅解备忘录 to explore deployment in Poland
  • Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) partners with BG真人 to execute agreements to progress the Carbon Free Power Project in Idaho, 得到了1美元的支持.能源部多年拨款3550亿美元,取决于年度拨款


  • BG真人 makes history with the first ever SMR to receive design approval from the U.S. 核管理委员会(NRC)
  • Value engineering efforts identify that the NPM can generate 25 percent more power per module for a total of 77 MWe per module
  • The first E2 Center opens at 俄勒冈州 State University (OSU), with support from a 2019 DOE grant
  • Ukraine’s State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety signs an MOU with BG真人
  • Sarens USA reaches an agreement to support the deployment of BG真人’s SMR and provides a cash investment
  • BG真人 submits the Phase 1 and 2 combined pre-licensing vendor design review to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)
  • 美国能源部为BG真人提供了一份2.63亿美元的独家合同, 视年度拨款而定


  • BG真人致力于“30岁前平等”倡议,以推动性别平等
  • ČEZ在捷克共和国, 约旦原子能委员会, 和美国国家核电子协会(SNN SA), 罗马尼亚一家能源公司, 与BG真人签署谅解备忘录
  • BG真人和合作大学获得了美国能源部为教育SMR模拟器提供的拨款
  • 斗山重工业和萨金特 & Lundy become new strategic partners and investors with $44 million in total investments
  • BG真人的SMR设计通过了NRC审查过程的第二、第三和第四阶段
  • BG真人 receives the N Certificate of Authorization (N-Stamp) from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers


  • NRC concludes that the application of BG真人’s novel safety design approach eliminates the need for class 1E power
  • NRC完成设计认证申请(DCA)审查的第一阶段
  • 美国能源部授予BG真人 4000万美元的成本分摊财政援助
  • DOE additionally awards BG真人 $7 million under a First of a Kind (FOAK) Nuclear Demonstration Readiness Project pathway
  • 加拿大安大略省发电公司和布鲁斯电力公司与BG真人签署谅解备忘录


  • NRC接受BG真人的SMR DCA进行审查
  • 先进核制造中心(CANM), 由并发技术公司(CTC)运营, signs an initial contract for prototype work for manufacturing BG真人’s helical coil steam generators
  • Ultra Electronics successfully conducts the acceptance testing of the innovative NPM protection system


  • BG真人向NRC提交了首个SMR DCA
  • BG真人 launches its selection process for 制造 partners with the NuFAB event in Atlanta, 乔治亚州
  • Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd and BG真人 announce that they will work together to develop the manufacturing techniques that will be required for the future deployment of SMRs in the UK


  • The full-length helical coil steam generator is tested at the SIET facilities in Italy
  • Framatome(前身为AREVA)同意设计、测试和制造燃料组件
  • BG真人 completes 制造 and assembly of a full-scale, upper module mockup of the NPM
  • The BG真人 Diverse Energy Platform (NuDEP) launches to highlight BG真人’s SMR technology as a “plug-n-play” solution for providing reliable power and heat to diverse applications
  • The BG真人 Exposition (NuEx) attracts 230 attendees to learn about BG真人 in Corvallis, 俄勒冈州
  • Ultra Electronics announces a strategic partnership to support the deployment of BG真人 SMRs worldwide


  • BG真人和Enercon服务公司. announce a strategic partnership to support the deployment of BG真人 SMRs worldwide


  • DOE selects BG真人 to receive up to $224M of matching funds to support the further development of the design and secure a design certification from the NRC
  • The Western Initiative for Nuclear (Program WIN) launches to study the deployment of BG真人 SMRs across the western U.S. with the first project to be a commercial BG真人 power plant for the UAMPS Carbon Free Power Project


  • The world’s first SMR control room simulator is commissioned at BG真人’s main engineering offices in Corvallis, 俄勒冈州, 模拟12个npm的运作
  • BG真人’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) forms with highly regarded experts in nuclear plant design, 操作, 维护, 规定, 和安全


  • 福陆公司 becomes the primary investor in BG真人 with funds in excess of $30 million, 除了成为其全球工程的合作伙伴, 制造, 采购, and construction capabilities to support the commercialization of the BG真人 design


  • BG真人 notifies the NRC of its intent to pursue a design certification for its technology
  • The BG真人 Advisory Board (NuAB) forms to guide BG真人’s pathway towards commercialization and meets about twice a year (29+ companies participating)


  • OSU grants BG大游App exclusive rights to the SMR technology and the company is founded


  • 美国能源部资助的BG真人App结束了,俄勒冈州立大学的团队,由博士. 何塞·N. Reyes, decide to build a one-third scale electrically heated version of the SMR as a test facility


  • 美国能源部资助了爱达荷国家实验室领导的研究, 与俄亥俄州立大学合作, 用于开发可用于多个应用程序的SMR